All breed dog grooming is offered by appointment.
Apppointments are available Monday - Saturday for your convenience.

grooming area

The grooming studio offers a quiet, clean, comfortable space for your dog during his/her "spa day". Your dog's grooming will consist of any clipping necessary, nail trimming, ear cleaning, bath, coat conditioner, drying and finishing work to give your dog a neat but natural appearance. This will make it easier for you to maintain your dog's coat.

bath tub

Fees begin at $25.00 and upward depending on your dog's particular needs. Extra fees will be added for heavily matted dogs. Please call ahead for a price quote.

dog in bath tub

Molly McCabe getting a bath.


Louie after his haircut.


Corky Shaumberg


Phoebe modeling a puppy cut.

Some Before and After photos of our grooming clients.

Customer Comments

photo of Jemima, Newf


Jemima is now a BIG gorgeous young lady of 1 1/2 years and so well behaved. She is a sheer Joy! but,she needs your services badly for we haven't found anybody even close to your work, meaning handling especially! wouldn't you like to come back from Wisconsin for a little grooming once in a while?
Much love from Nordi Sloman and Jemima the Newfie in Ojai, CA