In honor of Maxie......1/7/94 - 1/13/05

I am happy to announce that the American Kennel Club has just recently honored me with their Breeder of Merit award! I am very proud of this achievement and it just proves that hard work and conscientious breeding practices do pay off.

Highlands Golden Retrievers began in 1995 producing typically only one litter of puppies per year. It has been my passion and goal to produce dogs of quality that meet the high standards of the breed. Good temperament, structure and trainability are always on the forefront of those goals. Both dam and sire are carefully screened for health issues including hips, elbows, hearts, eyes and thyroid.

Puppies are always whelped in my dining area where they can be closely monitored and given a great deal of human interaction at all times. When they leave my home, they have gone though a series of testing and have been thoroughly socialized with other dogs as well as humans.

Diana and Goldens

I am a strong believer in a raw fed, species appropriate diet for both my puppies and adults dogs. Through the years I have researched a number of premium diets and found my dogs to be healthier with fewer allergies, skin problems and a host of other health issues. I strongly encourage potential buyers to continue feeding a raw diet for the health of their new puppy.

Whether you are looking for a puppy for obedience, agility, show or field or just a good family pet or hunting partner you will find the Golden Retriever to be a very versatile companion.

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